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Floral Chiffon Scrunchie

Floral Chiffon Scrunchie

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This Floral Chiffon Scrunchie is handmade with high-quality materials and design elements, making it perfect for your next trendsetting hairstyle. An ideal choice for special occasions or everyday wear, this scrunchie will look and feel great. Featuring a delicate blend of floral and chiffon fabrics, our Floral Chiffon Scrunchie is the perfect piece to give your look an elegant flourish. Crafted with artistry and a refined eye, this luxuriously soft accessory is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

-One size fits all
-Perfect for personal use
-Ideal for every hair type
-It Preserves hair strength
-Can shape your hair in different ways
-Suitable for teenagers, girls, women
-Pattern: Flower
-Occasion: Travel, birthday, festival
-Color: Pink, purple, red, yellow
-Jewelry&acc Type: Headwear
-Material: Chiffon
-Gender: Women
-Weight: 30.0g



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